RR14:  Reflex Response Conference,

Scotland March 2014 PROCEEDINGS

The TRAGER Review Volume 1

Reflex Response: Concepts and Practice.  TUK and TI.   Dec.  2014

Proceedings Book and Videos (14 hours) on USB Memory stick  £30 (46.2$  and 40.6€ equivalent in mid Feb 2015)

This International Conference brought together Trager People with a special interest in Reflex Response for three days of workshops, lectures and video presentations.  The Proceedings of the Conference take the form of a book of papers written by the contributors (97 pages), and a companion set of videos (26 videos amounting to 14 hours).  This is the first collation of Reflex Response  perspectives from around the world.    Delegates and presenters came from the USA, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, Namibia,  Egypt, Germany, Italy, Scotland, England and the Netherlands.

For anyone interested in Reflex Response (Milton said Its all Reflex response!”) this collection of written and video accounts should be a valuable resource for many years to come.  The book and videos are available to Practitioners and L2 and L3 students.

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The Proceedings are available as a printed book of the written presentations,  210 x 210 mm square, wiro-bound, laminated covers, colour) accompanied by a 16 GB USB Kingston memory stick holding all the videos (14 hours, equivalent to about 8 dvds).  The memory stick includes a pdf version of the book. The pdf can be printed at home, although the  square size means that  A4 paper will need to be trimmed to size on one side after printing.  Including covers, the book is 101 sides.  Also note that the pdf is laid out for two-sided copying with wider inner margins on opposite pages.

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